Gimasi The IoT Company

On the forefront of the IoT revolution, thanks to our knowledge of latest LPWAN technologies we are enabling startups and Fortune 500 companies to transform their businesses and deliver products for this new technological era.

Gimasi covers the whole value chain of IoT.

Development platforms, Hardware design, Software development, full connectivity solutions thanks to the direct partnership with telecomunication operators, production capabilities thanks to its EMS partner, and last but not least extensive know how in IoT cloud integration.


Development Platforms

Choosen by the leading companies and opertators in the IoT LPWAN market


and thousands of developers worldwide



Our off the shelf GMX and GMS modules will help you accelerate your IoT development.



Leverage the tight integration our firmware  has with the different telecomunication operators and IoT cloud platforms.


Custom Design

Outsource the design of your next IoT blockbuster


IoT Cloud

Our Hardware solution and firmware stacks integrate seamlessy not only with GIoTTY IoT cloud platform but also with the major commercial onese



Leverage our knowledge and accelerate you next IoT development

One more thing…

#blockchain and #edgecomputing are our next keywords…
We are testing in our R&D labs a complete new generation of sensors based on bleeding edge silicon that will enable battery operated highly secure and intelligent nodes.


Use Cases


Agriculture is one of the most interesting industries for IoT, thanks to the new generation of LPWAN devices which with their low power requirements and long range performance perfectly fits the typical Smart Farming use cases.