IoT evangelization is a core mission for Gimasi.

Being developers ourselves we understand how important is to have efficient development platforms, this it the vision that has driven us in the design of the Tuino series. A family of Arduino compatible fast prototyping boards specifically aimed at IoT.

The Tuino Family


The Tuino 1 thanks to it’s GMX expansion bus has the possibility of working practically all the different IoT radio technologies available on the market.


Tuino 096, the bigger brother of the Tuino 1, based on the ARM M0+ together with the BG96 is instead aimed at the NB1/CATM1 connectivity testign.

Hackatons and Meetups

Tuino has been use been in used in multiple hackatons and meetups throughout Europe and we are proud we have helped to spread IoT knowledge through our platforms.
We are always available in supporting with special price lists any hackaton or meetup, so pleae contact us if you would like our support.

Github and Opensource

Gimasi is committed to open source all of its development technology  please visit our github page:

if you don’t find something please contact us 😉 and we will send it to you