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Posted on 2016-04-27

Gimasi will be the main sponsor of the event “Sport, technology and disability” organized by Girl Geek Dinners Ticino in Lugano the next 20th of May at Grand Hotel Eden, starting from 6.00 pm.

The main focus of the event is sport with its technological applications either for amateurs or agonists, to monitor performances, share results and reach the goals expected.

Technology is the best support especially for disabled persons who like practicing sports and live the full experience.

After the initial preface by Girls Geek Ticino the program is the following:

Smart Tennis sensor – Wilson
Hike Ticino – Luca Mascaro Sketchin
FitLight Trainer – Pietro Longo
#Madetomov2 – Giuseppe Landolfi SUPSI
Robotic Interfaces – Jacopo Zenzeri – Paolo Ranieri Street Sport – Savina Maier

Here are also guest speakers that will tell their own sport experience:

  • Fabrizio Macchi
  • Murat Pelit
  • Daniele Raffa
  • Francesca Schiavone
  • Claudio Mezzadri

After the speakers ther’ll be a standing dinner and networking and the possibility to test the app presented.



For info check Ticino Girls Geek website and for subscription you can click here.