Tuino 1 is the ultimate IOT development platform that will enable any DIY developer or R&D engineer to deliver even the most ambitious project.

Tuino 1 is a powerful Arduino UNO compatible board, fitted with an AtMega 1284p that provides 128K Flash and 16Kb Ram giving enough space even for the most demanding application.

Fitted with on-board hardware add ons which include RTC, NFC, LiPO battery connector with charging and gauging circuit, an SD card slot, 4 Grove connectors and GMX bus extension. All this in the tiny form factor of the Arduino Uno.

When adding one of the available GMX modules the Tuino 1 becomes an incredible IOT platform. You can design your project with the flexibility of testing different RF technologies, with GMX RF modules available for LoRa, Wifi, ZigBee and NB1/CatM1

The Tuino 1 has been also designed to be used in final products and it includes a power on / reset / power off circuit, based on the LTC29555 chip, with connections on PCB to add external power button and/or power supply connections.

Tuino 1 a state of the art platform for the most demanding IoT project.

Technical Specs

CPU ATMega1284P
Memory 128Kb Flash / 16Kb RAM
Operating Voltage Selectable +5 / +3.3V
PWM Pins 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
  • Arduino Uno Compatible Headers
  • 4 Grove Connectors
    – 1 Analog
    – 2 Digital
    – 1 I2C
  • GMX Bus
Other Connectors
  • micro USB
  • JST LiPO battery
  • micro SD Slot
  • SMA antenna
  • CR1216 holder for RTC backup battery
  • NFC antenna 2 pin HDR
On Board Hardware
  • RTC with ST M41T62
  • NFC with ST M24SR
  • LiPO charging with MCP73831
  • LiPO fuel gauge with MAX17048
  • Power ON / RESET / OFF with LTC2955


For documentation and HowTo please visit our GitHub Page