GMS High Performance IoT modules

Based on a Cortex M4+ CPU with up to 2MB of Flash and 640KB of Ram the GMS family can be the heart of the most demanding IoT applications.

The GMS family is available with different Radio Modules covering: 2G, 3G, NB1, CATM1 and LoRa.

Delivered in a pin to pin compatible footprint, available in two dimensions: 27mmx37mm or 27mmx47mm.

An external Flash is present on the module as well as a secure token for secure storage of certificates. NFC communication is also present as standard with every module.

An optional GPS can be fitted enabling complete tracking solution.

The GMS come with a complete firmware core leveraging an enterprise grade RTOS and has libraries for all different IoT protocols:

  • full TCP/IP capabilities ( on 2G / 3G modules )
  • MQTT-SN/COAP for NB1 modules.
  • LoRaWAN stack for LoRa module

The powerful CortexM4+ enables scripting functionalities directly on the node, we are integrating via our GIoTTY IoT Middleware the possibility of sending javascript code directly to the node to extend the functionalities of the node once deployed.


Based on the Murata CMWX1ZZABZ for high performance LoRaWAN applications.


Based on Quectel BG96 radio, leverages the multimode capabilities of this radio module: NB1/CATM1 and 2G.


Based on the Quectel BC68 radio delivering one of the tiniest and highest performance NB1 cores available on the market.


Based on the Quectel M66 radio for legacy 2G applications.