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Posted on 2016-03-14

Today Swisscom announced the rollout of a Swiss-wide network for the Internet of Things, with the initial stage ready by the end of 2016 .

The Low Power Network (LPN) would be LoRa(tm) based and Gimasi being a very early adopter of this technology was invited at the official press conference to present its product range for the IoT / LPN / LoRa networks.

We have officially announced the availability of the first two products:


lumenundaLumenUnda  a the state of the art remote control lighting based on LoRa®.






lorauinoLoraUino  an Arduino Uno compatible board with a LoRa radio station for the ultimate experimental LPN platform..





We have also announced a new hardware tracking platform code named LoRaTracker, which leverages the low power of LoRa with an ultimate generation GPS chip for extremely long battery life operation. Based on the LoRaTracker platform we will be releasing a series of vertical applications during 3Q2016 aimed at animal and human tracking.